London Parking Yard

Conveniently park your truck, trailer,
cars, boats, RV and etc

Our Vision

Storing seasonal cars, boats, motorcycles and full-size trucks & trailers be a challenge. Regardless of your business size and the service you render, chances are you do not have a great deal of free space – at least not the kind of enclosed, safe and well-maintained free space that can provide secure storage for your valuable property. While off the road and not in use, your large vehicles need to go to somewhere safe and convenient.

– This is why Store N Park works for your business!

Truck & Trailer Parking

We strongly believe that the vehicle parking and storage of your valuables, no matter the size, do not have to be pricey or complicated. At Store N Park, we are committed to providing 24/7 truck & trailer parking safety, as well as storage units to secure your prized items. After a long and exhausting day, truckers do not want to experience the stress of searching for a safe place to park their vehicles.

Store N Park offers a truck and trailer parking service that allows truckers rest periods overnight before they hit the roads again. Our London Truck yard is conveniently sited in London, Ontario – a central location for truck and trailer drivers who want to find a safe and secure parking space.

Why Store N Park

Clean, Well Maintained Facilities

We pride ourselves on keeping our storage units and facilities in pristine condition. We aim to give our clients the best possible storage experience they can get.

Protection from theft

Sadly, large vehicles can be vandalized and even stolen if left out on the street for a few hours. If you would be out of town for a while or won’t be using your vehicle during winter, our truck & trailer parking space give you peace of mind knowing your property is safe.

Well-lit Facility

Our parking lots are adequately illuminated; you can rest assured your vehicle – no matter its size – won’t be left out in a poorly-lit or dark parking lot.

Easy Access

We are centrally located in London, Ontario – only two minutes away from HWY 401.

Limestone Flooring

The Store N Park yard is floored with limestone. This natural type of flooring is highly resistant to fungus, bacteria and is easy to maintain. Your vehicle will easily remain in optimum condition with limestone flooring.

Self-Storage Units

We also offer storage unit solutions for truckers, homeowners and business owners who are looking to safely store their valuables to free up some much-needed space. Our service package offers maximum flexibility, for short and long-term purposes. So, whether you are looking to store a personal items or tools, our storage units are a perfect choice.