Boat Parking

Ontario is home to some of the most amazing bodies of water in the world, with picturesque views and attractions. Journeying through the waters with loved ones is a unique, beautiful experience. However, when the fall season comes and boating can no longer continue, you need a safe and secure space to store your boat – away from the dangers of the water.

Today’s boats can cost hundreds of thousands of dollars. Why tow your watercraft between the cabin and your home? Why expose it to the harsh off-season weather in an outdoor lot?

Store N Park keeps your boat clean and safe, ensuring it remains in the condition your brought it in. We make boating enjoyable and less complex by storing it in such a way that it is water-ready when adventure calls.

Boat Parking Indoors

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    Other benefits of boat parking and storage needs include:

    Security Guarantee

    Your watercraft is safe from theft or vandalism as it is monitored by round-the-clock surveillance to ensure its safety at all times.

    Less Chance of Damage

    Storing your boat in a clean and dry environment with Store N Park not only protects it from harsh weather elements, but means you wouldn’t have to regularly clean, antifoul and detail your watercraft.

    Fishing, watersports and loads of fun – there’s a lot to love about owning a boat. For the different reasons you love owning a boat, Store N Park is happy to keep it safe and secure space to make sure it is in optimum condition for the next boating season.