Mobile Container Office

Do you need an office space at your job site? Do you want an office space that can be setup quickly without compromising on safety and comfort? Or has your business recently gotten bigger? Our mobile container offices are a portable, cost-effective and convenient solution for your short-term or long-term office space needs.

Store N Park offers durable and portable office containers that are designed to beat the elements. What’s more, we make custom modifications to fit your specifications; so, whether you are looking for container offices to serve as lunch rooms, store rooms, training spaces or switch rooms, we can get you the right office space when you need it – and where you need it.

Mobile shipping containers have become a viable and economical alternative to building permanent business structures. In fact, many constructions companies now create hotels and apartments using containers. Using containers rather than building is not only cost-effective, but a green option, as reusing building materials helps to protect the environment.

At Store N Park, our 20-foot container offices are available in a variety of finishes. Our mobile office containers can be installed at our truck yard and your business can run smoothly from there. They can also buy and have us install them for you at your work site or preferred site.

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    When you contact us, we will discuss the specifics of your office space needs; no matter how diverse your requirements may be, you can count on us to find the right mobile container office for you. Please contact us today if you are ready to take the next step for your business. We will be happy to deliver high-quality container offices at competitive prices – and on schedule.